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Terms & conditions

A non refundable booking deposit of 30% of the total value of the quote is required to confirm a booking.

All prices quoted are valid for two weeks, whereafter the pricing may be adjusted.  Once client has paid a booking deposit, the quote amount will remain fixed unless the following occurs:

- There is a significant increase (more than 20%) in the cost of fuel, flowers, labour and/or any other cost-related item on the quote, whether such increase is due to economic or other events

- The event is moved out by any reason for more than six months from the original date (save for circumstances related to Covid-19 in which case our Covid-19 terms and conditions below will apply)

- The event is moved out by any reason from a low season date to a high season date (save for circumstances related to Covid-19 in which case our Covid-19 terms and conditions below will apply)

If any of the aforementioned circumstances arise, Belle Doux may adjust its quote accordingly and within reason.

Final quantities, guest count and requirements must be submitted and paid for at one month before the event.  Client shall only pay for quantities and items reflected in the quote finalised one month before the event. Any reduction in quantities or guest count or removal of items from the quote within one month from the date of the event shall not refunded and remain due and payable by the client.


Our cancellation policy is as follows:

- Within six months of the original date: full refund excluding booking deposit

- Within four months of the original date: 50% refund on any amount paid in addition to booking deposit

- Within two months of the original date: 25% refund on any amount paid in addition to booking deposit

- Earlier than two months of the original date: no refund

A refundable breakage deposit is charged.  In case of a breakage, the client will be liable to replace the item at its replacement value (which will first be deducted from the breakage deposit). If there are no damages, the full deposit will be repaid within 5 business days of return.

All candleholders, cakestands, cutlery and other items are required to be cleaned by the client prior to return. If the items are not cleaned, a cleaning fee of R120 per hour will be charged and deducted from the breakage deposit. If the client pays Belle Doux a clearing fee, this will include cleaning by Belle Doux.

All items are properly packed by Belle Doux in such a way as to ensure that breakages do not occur when travelling in a reasonable manner.  Client should, however, take care in handling and transporting items. The risk of breakages of items shift to the client once items are collected and remains with the client until items are returned.  All items must be returned in its original packaging, including bubble wrap and boxes or crates.  Loss of or damage to any boxes or crates will be charged to the client, deductible first from the breakage deposit.  


All items to be collected by Belle Doux shall already be re-packed by client by the date for collection.  Any re-packing by Belle Doux at the venue shall be charged at R300 per hour.

All items must be returned by the return date - late returns will be subject to a penalty charged at R150 per  day.  Any items which were booked by another client but could not be used due to late return, will be subject to a full re-hire fee until returned.


All events booked or decor hired for a period that falls within lockdown and prohibitions on social gatherings by the Government, will be moved to a next suitable date for the client.  This is subject thereto that where client's event moves into a different season (ie from low season to high season or vice verse), costs for flowers and other items may be adjusted.  Further, where client's event moves to a date significantly later than the original date, and there has been an inflation in fuel costs, flowers, labour etc, Belle Doux is entitled to reasonably adjust client's quote in accordance with inflation.

Where client wishes to cancel their order due to Covid-19 related prohibitions on events, no refund will be given, but a credit will be allocated to client to use at any time for any event / hiring at a future date within one year of the original event date or within six months from the time that the Covid-19 related prohibition ends, whichever is the latest.  An event or booking can only be cancelled for Covid-19 related reasons insofar as there are prohibitions placed on social gatherings by Government and not because of personal reasons related to Covid-19.

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