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Meet the face
behind the magic


Belle Doux was born from a long standing love affair with planning and styling events for anyone and everyone I could - the family's go-to person if you will.

I started the company after the birth of my first born in May 2018 and have since seen growth I could only ever dream of.  Today we are a trusted company that has built up not only a loyal customer base but also a wide ranging supplier base allowing us to offer our clients a one-stop solution.

We stock a fantastic range of decor items, and are also capable of sourcing almost any decor item for our clients to allow a seamless decor and styling offering.  In addition, we offer only the best in floral artistry.


Although our passion lies in styling decor and flowers for any event, we are also able to source a wide range of affordable furniture. 


As a secret love of mine, we offer luxurious kiddies parties for those who want a little extra when celebrating another year of precious life.  I never could do a plain and simple birthday party, but why should you?  Life is to be celebrated with balloons and decor and beautiful flowers.

Belle Doux may have started out as a pet project, but has turned into one of the big loves of my life that I nurture, cherish and keep close to my heart.  Every client can therefore be assured that they will receive only the best in service, quality and effort.  Belle Doux has turned into a truly remarkable company and I am proud of all we have accomplished, the friendships we have formed and most of all, the beauty we have created for clients.

Here is to many more years of doing what we love!

"Give from love and see the magic happen"

-Lize-Mere van Schalkwyk

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