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This package provides you with all the decor you need for a complete DIY event.


This package price is based on 10 people per table (minimum 50 guests) and works out to R50 per person.  It includes the following decor hire per table of 10 guests:


1x tablecloth

1x runner

10x underplates (plastic or glass)

10x dinner plates (any)

10x side plates (any)

10x cotton napkins 

10x sets of cutlery - gold or rosegold - three piece set

10x water glass (any)

10x wine or champagne glass (any)

1x centerpiece vase (any) or 2 smaller vases (any)

2x additional vases (any)

4x candlesticks or candleholders (any)

4x votive holders (any)


Simply add this package to your cart and list the specific items you would like in a note.  Browse through our category of products to choose your items.


Additional decor items hired with this package will be charged at the normal rate less 20%.  Add the items as per normal to your cart and the discount will be calculated upon order - you will receive an updated quote indicating the discount.

Full house decor package

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